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Brand concept: gratitude, happiness, practical work and innovation
Gratitude - employees, enterprises, customers and society. Thanksgiving and development of peers, struggle and integrity at the same time!
Happy - to advocate "fashion, freedom, health and happiness" of a good bathroom life, with a sincere attitude to create bathroom brand value.
Practical work - be practical and willing to work, forge ahead and devote yourself to your career.
Innovation: innovate new technology, overturn design trend, follow up concept connotation, create excellent quality and service.
Core values of brand: conscience, quality, love, brand achievement
Brand vision: to become the first brand of bathroom with the most honest value and the most praised by customers!
Service concept: enthusiasm and responsibility
Enthusiasm - serve every customer with 100% enthusiasm and sincerity, using polite words and professional attitude. Do not contradict, do not despise, and strive to be patient, attentive and sincere.
Responsibility - take responsibility, never back down. Handle every pre-sale, in sale and after-sale problem in a down-to-earth way. Leave a highly responsible and responsible brand attitude.
Brand personality: fashionable, healthy, fun and relaxed